Jan Shepardson, Certified Celebrant.
It has been shown that today's Baby Boomers are moving away from churches and that when a death occurs people are often at a loss because they don't have a church affiliation.
This is where a Certified Celebrant is the perfect option because just as everyone deserves a personalized eulogy....they should receive a personalized memorial or funeral service as well.
Today, service settings have changed. While they certainly can be held in a church or funeral home, many memorial services are now held wherever the family desires...in the desert, at the lake, on a mountain, in a gazebo or even in your own back yard. The service is held in a spot that is important to you.
I became a Certified Celebrant in 2006 and have been honored to work with families just like yours. As your Celebrant, I will work with you to tailor your service which will reflect a life well lived. Additionally, I am going to personally talk to you to glean information which will allow me to create a service that will reflect a lifetime of memories, stories and important events in their life.
If you are in the Phoenix area, please feel free to call me at 602-578-5661 to discuss availability and rates. If you are outside of the Phoenix area, I can assist as well and I am just a phone call away!
I look forward to talking to you.
Jan Shepardson