Phoenix, Arizona Funeral Pre Planning.

Each and every day, I work with people of all ages who want to plan ahead for their funeral or cremation needs.  As someone who works in the death industry, I can affirm that I’ve never had a family say they were sorry that they had pre-arranged their final arrangements, but, I’ve had many who wish they did.

Having a conversation about your final wishes is not easy!  Our children don’t want to hear it and our spouses can’t bear to think of a future without us in it!  The finality of life is something most of us want to ignore because sometimes we can’t help but feel the less said the better!  

Just as you have worked to make good business decisions in every other facet of your life, making pre-arrangements makes good business sense today! 

By making pre-arrangements for your funeral, cremation, crypts, cemetery plot or niche you have taken the burden of decision and finances off of those left behind.  When you choose to pre-arrange, you will have the opportunity to shop around and see what facility feels like “home” to you and where you would be comfortable.  You also have a chance to select a final resting place that fits your tastes and your budget!  You get to decide what services you want and just how much you want to spend.

By pre-planning your funeral, cremation, crypt, cemetery plot or niche you have taken the burden and decisions off those left behind.  By making these arrangements, you can :

·         Make good business decisions while you are clear thinking and at peace

·         Make your desires known by your selections

·         Keep costs down and lock in today’s prices and be protected from inflation

·         Take advantage of pre-arrangement discounts

·         Know that your life insurance will go to the living and not for final expenses, and

·         Protect your family should a death occur before it is expected;

If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area and are interested in funeral or cremation planning, obtaining a crypt, niche or cemetery plot, drop me a line.  I work with one of Arizona’s premier companies and would love to share our options with you.  We offer services for all budgets and financing that fits your budget and low interest rates.

Won’t you take the time today to make decisions now that will alleviate heartache and poor business decisions down the line?

Email for Phoenix, Arizona area pre-arrangement information.


Jan - thanks so much. Looks good! I'll do some personalized "tweaking" but I think this is all I need. I'll get back to you if I need anything else. Terrific job. Ron
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Thank you so much for your excellent eulogy service. You captured the spirit in which it was intended and I could not have done at this time of my greif. Thanks so much again. Robert
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